Get Involved

What does it mean to be “all in” at Real Life Indiana?


Gather as Community

We gather weekly on Sunday morning to meet with God and celebrate all that Jesus is for us. We are reminded who we are and how we live daily on mission, then sent out and empowered by the Spirit to share and show the gospel within our city.


Gather as Disciples

Everyone at Real Life Indiana is encouraged to be part of a group of believers called a Life Transformation Group. As we’re led by the Holy Spirit, we help one another to: Discover Jesus in the Scriptures, Nurture the truths of the gospel in our hearts, and take Action to obey what Jesus calls us to. These groups (two to four people of the same gender) meet weekly to share what they are learning and how they are growing as believers in Jesus. This is a time to care for one another and bring deep accountability into each other’s lives.


Gather as Neighbors

We believe a missional community (MC) is a family of missionary servants seeking to make disciples who make disciples. A missional community is not primarily a bible study, weekly meeting, self-help group, or a social activist group. Though elements of each these types of groups are often experienced in an MC, none of them fully embodies the vision and mission of a missional community.  In MCs we gather as neighbors learning to love one another as family, serve the “least of these” in our midst, and be a witness to the good news of Jesus Christ.


Gather as Servant Missionaries

We are a people that share our time and resources. This means we help to serve our body in all the areas mentioned above, and we identify places in our community where we can serve and bless those around us as well. Because of who we are in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we immerse ourselves intentionally over extended periods of time in order to show and tell those far from Jesus what the Kingdom of God is like.